My Favorite adventure Websites and Apps!

I would like to share a few of my favorite hiking & camping websites and apps to help you embark on your next outdoor adventure. From trail to campsite finding, the process can be overwhelming, but hopefully these resources can help make your planning a little easier!

The AllTrails website and app is my go-to for looking up hiking trails both locally and during travels throughout the U.S. AllTrails has a database of over 50,000+ trail maps. I use the app version to download topography maps and often use it as a back-up GPS from my Garmin 64st for hiking and backcountry exploring. 

Some of my favorite features on AllTrails: 1 )  Includes detailed information on length, difficulty rating and elevation gain for each trail, 2) There are descriptions and reviews by other users who have hiked the trail. Often times, reviewers leave super helpful tips, ranging from how to find the trailhead to the conditions of the trail during different seasons, 3) I subscribe to the Pro version of the app ($29.99 per year, not a sales pitch...promise) which allows you to download trail maps with different map layers (i.e. satellite, road, topo) directly from the app, and you can use them in off-line mode to follow along the route in real-time as you hike. This is helpful when trail markers are non-existent or hard to decipher, 4) You can record your hike time and distance travelled on the app, a unique feature, especially if you are interested in improving your hiking pace. 

Check out the AllTrails Website or download AllTrails App

The Outbound Collective
The Outbound Collective is a website and app of beautifully put together information for your next outdoor adventures. This website has stunning photography, stories, and tips contributed by the community, and is definitely one of the most inspirational and motivating websites that gets my butt off the couch and outdoors.

Some of my favorite features on The Outbound Collective: 1) The Outbound Collective has a "pack list" recommendation they include with each trail description. I have found this very helpful when packing or preparing for my next hike and making sure I bring the right gear, 2) There are curated outdoor and travel stories written by community members and editors that gives great ideas on where to go next, or how you can best maximize your next trip, 3) The Outdoor Kits section is beyond helpful for ideas on what to pack in different conditions and situations. They also link you to where you can find and buy that gear...take for example, how to stay warm and dry in the Pacific Northwest.

Check out the The Outbound Collective website or download The Outbound Collective app

Hipcamp is known as the Airbnb of camping where you can discover over 280,000 public and private campsites around the U.S. Whether you are in the mood for roughing it or glamping, there are camping accommodations to fit everyones' needs. I think looking for a campsite (even when it's pitch black outside) is part of the fun, but sometimes knowing you have a place to sleep after a long road-trip can make a trip more enjoyable.

Some of my favorite features on Hipcamp: 1) On Hipcamp people list their private lands ranging from farms, vineyards to backyard sanctuaries. You can find traditional pitch-a-tent campgrounds, as well as unique camping experiences ranging from yurts, tipis, treehouse, to cabins2) They have a "Field Scout" program where they provide free accommodations in exchange for photography. You don't have to be a professional guide or photographer to apply, however this is a great way to experience new places for FREE. You also get access to gear pro deals! Haven't tried field scouting yet, but it's on my list!  3) Lastly, check out the Hipcamp Journal! It features conservation efforts and compelling stories from their partners & the community. I love reading about the unique ways people are giving back!

Check out the Hipcamp website.

The REI Co-op Guide to National Parks
The REI Guide to National Parks was one of the very first apps I started using when planning my national park adventures. It is absolutely free and doesn't require any premium memberships! It is a in-depth guide to trails around our beloved national park system and built from data from the Hiking Project. It's a one-stop shop for National Parks.

Some of my favorite features from the REI Co-op Guide to National Parks: 1) You can discover which hikes are family friendly, gems with "stunning viewpoints, or the best hikes to check-out to maximize your time. You can even build a "to-do" list so you don't miss a beat, 2) For each park listed, there is information on visitor center hours, cost, camping & lodging, as well as food & drink info, 3) Similar to the AllTrails app, you can also see your live location on the map, so you know where you exactly are on the trail. This app works offline when you are exploring the backcountry, so another reason to stay on-trail and not get lost. But as we all know..."Not all those who wander are lost."

Check out the the REI National Park Guide website or download the REI National Parks App


Thank you for reading! I hope you check out some of these websites and apps. They have helped me expanded my outdoor adventure experience. Tune in for my next post on how you can help give back to public lands!  I would love to hear your feedback or comments on future topics you would like for me to cover on Anchor and Pine Collective's Blog. Cheers and happy trails!