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The Enchantments

The Pacific Northwest Summers are absolutely incredible. Although we get only four months of consistent sunshine, those four months seem to make up for the rest of the year. My husband and I told ourselves that this Summer, we would spend more time backpacking in the wilderness areas of Washington. On the top of that list was the Enchantments.

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Around Iceland's Ring Road

Each year my husband and I pick one or two places to travel to internationally to check off our list. Places like New Zealand, Japan, Germany and Italy sit high on that list, however Iceland for us was at the top. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to drive the entire island in a camper van. It would give us the opportunity and flexibility to see all of Iceland, on our time, and our terms.

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A Memorial Day Road Trip to the Southern Oregon Coast

I travelled to the southern Oregon coast and parts of northern California to kick-off the Summer camping season, which generally starts in the Pacific Northwest around Memorial Day. Highlights include stacks of sea cliffs, views of where the forest meet the sea in mossy orchestras, painted sorbet sunsets on Harris Beach, and large redwood trees growing hundreds of feet towards the sky.

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